Griechischer Tabak

Thassitis Basil New, original packing in thin rice paper. A survey of Greek Tobacco production and distribution in the 1950s. Includes photographs, charts, and graphs. 122p. index, +list of tobacco distributors/producers. Also available in English and French. publisher: Kapniki Epitheorissis, Athens date: 1960 edition: Second edition condition: New / New binding: Hardcover / DJ bookseller inventory. # TE012 (PE0041)... Continue Reading →


Gebrüder Kulenkampff

1806 – 1956 Geschichte eines Bremer Handelshauses none stated As New with soft leather binding & gold engraved lettering on cover & spine. Gift book for the celebration of the 150 yrs (1806 – 1956) of the tobacco processors from Bremer, Gebrüder Kulenkampff . Gift card included. publisher: Selbstverlag, Bremen date: 1956 condition: As new binding: Hardcover... Continue Reading →

Tabak Καπνός Tobacco

Zur Erinnerung an das 50 jährige Bestehen von Haus Neuerburg Walther Kiaulehn – Hans Falk (Illustr) Cloth-bound beige As New, with sketches from the travel diary in the tobacco countries of the Old and New World, from the painter Hans Falk, with gift card inside from the cigarette factory house Neuerburg for the celebration of... Continue Reading →

Meyers Geographischer Handatlas

Meyers Very Good, Revised Edition of 1913 (on Title Page). Maroon cloth just slightly faded, tight, small shelf wear. Former owners name, Moskoff famous Greek Jewish tobacco dealer in Thessaloniki Moskoff / Image _c / Image of spine publisher: Bibliographisches Inst., Leipzig date: 1913 edition: Revised illustrator/translator: isbn:  condition: Very good binding: Hardcover bookseller inventory. # TE002 (PE0008) size: ... Continue Reading →

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