The American Tobacco Story

Εdited A near fine paperback with minor faults on cover as in image. "Lucky Strike art" publisher: The American Tobacco Company date: 1960 illustrator: Monochrome illustrations condition: Near fine binding: Paperback size: 64p. 19,5x19,5cm. language: Greek bookseller inventory. # TE059 price: €20,00 NOT AVAILABLE CONTACT


Lucky Strike Cigarette Plant, Richmond, Virginia

The American Tobacco Company Research Laboratory (post card) Vintage Lucky Strike, early chrome postcard. detail of back side Lucky Strike Wikipedia publisher: Lucky Strike date: 1957 condition: New binding: Post Card size: 9x14cm. language: English bookseller inventory. # TA057 price: €10,00 CONTACT  

Στατιστικη Επετηρις της Ελλαδος 1958 / Statistical Observation of Greece 1958

Συλλογικο / Collective Για 1η φορα δημοσιευονται στοιχεια για: / For the first time data is published for: -Αποθεματα και συγκεντρωση επεξεργασμενων εξαγωγιμων καπνων. / Stocks and concentration of processed tobacco exports. -Καταναλωση τσιγγαρων ανα ατομο. / Cigarette consumption per person. publisher: Εθνικη Στατιστικη Υπηρεσια της Ελλαδος, Αθηνα / National Statistical Office of Greece, Athens date: 1959... Continue Reading →

The World of B.A.T.

British American Tobacco As new, paperback with flaps, Brochure + contact info card.  publisher: British American Tobacco, England date: 1984 condition: As New binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # TE019 (PE0122) size: 40p. 21X21cm. language: English price: €15,00 From BOOKSTALLblog CONTACT

Οι Εχθροί Του Καπνού Εις Τας Αποθήκας – The Enemies Of Tobacco In Warehouses

Εphestia Elutella Ηb. & Lasioderma Serricorne Fab. Η Βιολογία Και Μέσα Καταπολεμήσεως Τούτων The Biology And Measures For Their Control. Σταματινης, Νικ. – Stamatinis, Nic. Chr. In Very good condition with faults only on the cover as shown in image, Paperback. 65pp / 24X17cm. 5 pages English summary 4 pages Bibliography. Folding Table, Pictures. Communication... Continue Reading →

World Tobacco

Oriental Tobacco – Special Supplement. In Fine condition. Special Supplement of the World Tobacco Journal concerning the Balkans and Turkey with relevant articles, ads & directory publisher: Trade Publications Ltd date: 1969 March condition: As new binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # TE016 (PE0068) size:  language: English price: €60,00 From BOOKSTALLblog CONTACT


Commonwealth Institute Commodity Leaflet No. 15. Commonwealth Institute As New leaflet 4p., A summary on tobacco and the Commonwealth. publisher: Commonwealth Institute date: 1957 condition: As New binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # TE014 (PE0072) size: 4p. language: English price: €20,00 From BOOKSTALLblog CONTACT

Greek Tobacco

Thassitis Basil New, original packing in thin rice paper. A survey of Greek Tobacco production and distribution in the 1950s. Includes photographs, charts, and graphs. 122p. index, +list of tobacco distributors/producers. Also available in  German and French. publisher: Kapniki Epitheorissis, Athens date: 1960 edition: Second edition condition: New / New binding: Hardcover / DJ bookseller inventory. # TE013 (PE0043) size:... Continue Reading →

British – American Tobacco com. Ltd.

Reports and Accounts 1969. British – American Tobacco com A Fine copy of the Reports and Accounts for the yr 1969 intended for the stock holders attending the annual general assembly, with gold engraved leaf on cover. publisher: British – American Tobacco com Ltd date: 1970 condition: As new binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. #TE008 (PE0027) size:  language:... Continue Reading →

Tobacco Trade Year Book and Diary 1969

Editor As New. 210p. 106 pages text, includes international import and excise duties, brand indexes, statistics etc), many pages of adverts relating to tobacco, snuff, cigarettes, cigars, manufacture and smoking paraphernalia. 104pages Diary at rear. publisher: Tobacco Industrial Newspapers, London date: 1968 condition: As New binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # TE007 (PE0026) size: 210p. language: English price: €50,00... Continue Reading →

International Tobacco Directory

1976 International Directory & Buyers' Guide Edited Near fine condition with crinkle on cover, colour maps and numerous colour and black & white illustrations, advertising. publisher: Tobacco International date: 1976 edition: vol.178 - no.22 condition: As new binding: Paperback bookseller inventory. # TE005 (PE0015) image:  image size: 254p. 29x21cm. language: English price: €150,00 From BOOKSTALLblog CONTACT

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